Artists Statement

August 26, 2019
I am primarily a printmaker and painter. Touched and inspired by the complexity of the natural world, I draw upon organic forms, using shapes and patterns taken directly from nature. I place myself in a figurative tradition, often depicting human figures either together within a landscape, or in conjunction with other organic forms. I am interested in exploring the human condition by showing our standing with one another, and our role as human animals in relation to the natural world. I strive to capture expressive moments through gesture. My training includes fine arts, botany, landscape architecture and environmental planning. These disciplines coincide to form my artistic identity. I tend to see the world through the eyes of a naturalist, interpreting in a clear, intentional manner. While my work is generally figurative, I do sometimes venture into a semi-abstract or expressionistic realm.

Drawing is a vital part of my process, providing a strong foundation for most of my work. I participate in life drawing groups, sketching from a human model. This practice helps attune and sharpen my perception of anatomy, volume and proportion. I often challenge myself by switching to my non-dominant hand.
My latest series consists of monotype works on paper. I use plexiglass or polycarbonate plates, applying ink with brushes, brayers or fingers. I use a variety of wiping techniques and materials to achieve different textures. The plate is then run through a press which pulls the ink into the fibers of the paper. I find it helpful to imagine the plate as holding a painting which is then transferred in reverse to the paper. Various images can be printed in succession on the same sheet of paper, yielding a surprising array of effects. One of my favorite techniques is to pull the first image, and immediately pull a “ghost” of the residual ink left from the first print. This process creates a theme of familiarity without being identical or redundant to one another. Shapes and forms that occur unexpectedly will guide me in the creation of the subsequent layers. Each print is unique.
My current work begins with monotypes; I then add other materials to create mixed media works. I use stencils to create sillouettes, chine colle, or dry point intaglio prints on gampi paper to achieve layered effects. Other recent works include drawings and paintings with graphite, gouache, charcoal, india ink, sumi ink, polychrome pencils, or pastels.